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Ice Cream

Looking for ‘milkshakes near me’? Want to find the best ice cream? Want to have a memorable moment with your family this summer? Sunset Beach Ice Cream in Fort Meyers, FL has everything you need when it comes to ice cream and frozen treats. We've proudly served the community of North Fort Myers, Fort Meyers, Fort Meyers Beach, Punta Gorda, and other areas for several years. We have our customers shouting for ice cream and coming back for more. If you want, you can also learn how to make your own milkshake at home with your family on a regular night. 


First, place your glass in the freezer so it can chill. Make sure that you buy ice cream that's soft but not too creamy. You can use frozen yogurt and low-fat ice cream if you prefer. Take three scoops of your favorite flavor, add two ounces of milk, and any other toppings. Don't add ice as it'll water down your milkshake. If you want your milkshakes to be a little thinner, add more milk. Top off your milkshake with whipped cream and any other toppings, such as sprinkles, cookies, and/or candy. If you want more of a grown-up milkshake, add some liquor. 


Keep your milkshake out of reach from your children. Let's be honest here: a grownup milkshake is one of the best ones you'll taste. But if liquor isn't your thing and you wonder where you can find ‘milkshakes near me’, then visit Sunset Beach Ice Cream in Fort Meyers, FL. We have all the milkshakes that you and your family can enjoy. We have kid-friendly milkshakes, chunky milkshakes, creamy milkshakes, and more. Your mind will spin at the selection. Skip doing the work by yourself and take your family to Sunset Beach Ice Cream this summer for a sweet treat they won't forget. 


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