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Ice Cream Shops Near Me

Do you get hungry in the middle of the night? Do you search for ‘ice cream shops near me’?  Do you find yourself searching for ‘shaved ice near me?‘ Look no farther than Sunset Beach Ice Cream in Fort Meyers Beach, FL. We've been proudly serving customers in North Fort Myers, Fort Meyers, Cape Coral, and Punta Gorda for years. We know what it takes to make the best ice cream and shaved ice. If you want to know how to easily make your own shaved ice, then read on for more information. You can enjoy this cool treat anytime. 


For this recipe, you'll need condensed milk, ice, ice cream, fruit, and sugar. Prepare the flavoring for your shaved ice by cutting up fruit, using powdered drink mixes, adding syrups, or using sparkling beverages. Next, prepare your ice. Fill several ice trays with water or another liquid and let them freeze overnight. When ready, shave your ice with a blender or food processor. Finally, add flavoring to your shaved ice and enjoy. You can also add a few spoonfuls of flavoring to your ice in your blender and food processor to mix together. This sweet treat can be made in less than 24 hours.


Does this sound like a lot of work? Do you find yourself searching for ‘ice cream shops near me’ or ‘shaved ice near me’? Do you find yourself working too hard in the kitchen to make your kids happy? Drop everything and visit Sunset Beach Ice Cream in Fort Myers Beach, FL. We'll gladly do all the work for you. We have several flavors of ice cream and shaved ice that will make your kids happy. We'll have you coming back for more. You can even sample the flavors if you want. Heck, spend the day here with your family. 


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